Auction Info

Auction Info

Saturday March 23, 2019

Auction Begins at 11 AM
Sellers Registration begins at 9:30 AM

Royal Oak Community Center

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Pre-Register Now!

By pre-registering we look forward to having you as a part of our auction!  We will have a pre-registered set of colored stickers ready for you upon your arrival.  Please continue to label your fish items with your three letter identification code and any helpful identification information on the fish/plant/item.

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GDAS Tropical Fish Auction Rules

    1. Everyone is welcome! You don’t have to be a member of GDAS to buy or sell.
    2. Items are accepted for sale at the seller’s risk. GDAS cannot accept responsibility for safekeeping or condition of any item. All items are sold AS IS.
    3. Each seller that is registered before 11:00 a.m. will be allowed to designate up to ten items to be sold in the early hours of the auction. Items in excess of ten, will be sold toward the close of the auction. No priority labels will be given to late registered sellers!
    4. One purpose of GDAS is to encourage hobbyists to breed fish. In keeping with this, the intent of the auction is to provide an outlet for hobbyists’ surplus. Individuals should not purchase fish expressly for resale at the auction.
    5. All sellers labels must match sellers list. Labels on items for auction must be white with black lettering– no colors. Live items must be labeled with sellers #, seller’s name, seller’s phone, animal or plant (common & scientific) name, number in lot, sex if possible. Example:

    XX12 2M, 3F
    Poecilia reticulata

    (Veil Tail Guppy)
    Joe Seller (313) 555-1234

    1. Proper fish bags must be used– no baggies or zip-locks. Live items must be properly bagged with sufficient air and water. Larger fish must be sold in buckets or Styrofoam boxes provided by the seller. All items must be sold in the container in which they are submitted for auction. A charge of $ 1.00 will be applied to any item requiring rebagging.
    2. No venomous animals (Reptiles) will be accepted for auction. (Stingrays are allowed)
    3. Sellers are limited to a maximum of sixty (60) bags of animal or plant
    4. There will be a buy it now table where the seller can have any number of dry good. In the auction the Sellers are limited to a maximum of five (5) dry good items (Several items may be combined to be sold as one item.) Items in excess of five (5) will be charged $1.00 per item. Items must be clean and clearly labeled as to working condition. Tanks with cracked glass will not be accepted for the auction
    5. Three categories for drawing items to be auctioned will be used. These are determined by two different colored stickers and bags in the last group to be pulled for action by having no stickers. The number of bags brought in by a seller for auction will be divided by three and the two color sticker given out accord
    6. Minimum bid requirements from sellers will not be accepted. ing.
      12. The auction committee reserves the right to reject any item not fit for sale or not meeting the above requirements.
    7. Items are not necessarily sold on a first-come basis. Order of items is determined by the auction committee. Live items will be given priority.
    8. Buyers must provide their own Styrofoam boxes to carry home purchases. If available, a few Styrofoam boxes will be auctioned throughout the day.
    9. Cash is preferred; however, checks will be accepted with approval.
      16. All sellers will be charged $1.00 registration fee which includes photocopying, postage, and processing.
      17. GDAS will retain 30% of the sale price. Sellers proceeds will be mailed within two (2) weeks of the auction.
    10. GDAS has a “call system” which allows buyers to pay a service fee of $2.00 to bring any item up for immediate auction. The $2.00 fee does not apply toward the bid and is not refundable. As always, the highest bid will prevail.
    11. All items when placed up for Auction must stay up for Auction until they have been bid on. Items receiving no bid will be re- auctioned. If still not sold they will become the property of GDAS and sold near the end of the auction, or used to the clubs discretion. Items can be claimed by the seller if not sold at the end of the Auction. 19. For further information, contact Dave Elland at or (248) 514-6549.

Below are some helpful files to help you prepare for the upcoming auction.

Seller’s Auction Form Blank PDF

Seller’s Auction Form Blank Excel

GDAS Spring Auction